This portal is an extension of our commitment to our suppliers, vendors subcontractors and 3rd parties, to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. It also functions as a communication center to obtain important and necessary information to ensure your success with CMSD.

The following contains documents segregated by type of contractor and general terms that need to be understood, followed and some forms returned as a part of authorization for access and authorization to work in the CMSD shipyard.

Subcontractor Terms and Conditions

Vendor Terms & Conditions

VGB-01 Vendor Guide Book
CMF-M103 General Provisions for Orders under U.S. Government Contracts

Facilities Terms & Conditions
CMG-M201 Facilities Contractor Guidebook

Contract Flowdown Clauses

BAE N00024-10-C-4407 LPD-17 
BAE N00024-11-C-4400 CG-47 
BAE N00024-11-C-4408 DDG-51 
BAE N00024-12-C-4403 LSD-41_LSD-49 and LPD-4 
BAE N00024-16-R-2321 DDG-1000 
FAR 52.244-6 Subcontracts for Commercial Items 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 62 Mobile Bay Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 69 Paul Hamilton Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 71 Sterett and John Finn Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 73 Stockdale and Fitzgerald Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 -72 Halsey and O’Kane Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-R-4401 IDIQ MAC N00024-19-C-4410 Rushmore Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 -72 Halsey Special Terms and Conditions
N00024-19-R-4406 O’Kane Terms and Conditions 
N00024-21-R-4456 Somerset Terms and Conditions
N00024-21-R-4485 Mustin Terms and Conditions
N00024-21-D-4445 LCS Terms and Conditions

CMSD, a Titan company, is committed to seeking out new qualified businesses to partner with our company. To start the approval process, please fill out the following form and send it to our sourcing department at

CMF-M200 Supplier Information and Business Size Classification

Small Business
CMSD, a Titan company, is committed to ensure that small businesses are given a good faith effort to partner with our company to accomplish work on Government contracts. If you are a small business seeking to do business with our company, please fill out the following form and send it to our Sourcing department at

Third Party Access (Government Sponsored Contractors)

DFAR Access to Vessels Clause requires inclusion for 3rd parties on CMSD Government contracts but is clear in the direction for 3rd parties to follow the shipyard rules. This directive forces allowance for 3rd party work shipboard but CMSD does not allow 3rd parties to perform any work off ship in any area of the shipyard unless stipulated by Government contract. CMSD is not compensated for supporting 3rd party repeated attempts to follow the directions for access or allowance to do work; hence that is reason for focus on the Government sponsors responsibility and may be grounds for rejection.

1. Document Submittal

FIRST AND FOREMOST, for inclusion as a 3rd party to a CMSD contract, access to CMSD and/or work ships in the CMSD yard, 3rd parties must first provide a signature from the SWRMC recognized Government sponsor as proof of their verification of the 3rd parties compliance. This must be in the form of a signature endorsing the statement below before anything else is considered.

I __________________ as the SWRMC recognized Government sponsor for 3rd party _____________________attest to the fact that I have read and verified all government requirements contractual and regulatory are satisfied, current and available for access to CMSD or inclusion as a 3rd party to CMSD contract #__________________
__________________________signature and _____________date signed by SWRMC recognized Government sponsor

The statement may be copied directly to an email to and electronically signed.

In addition, all documents listed below shall be completely filled out and electronically transferred on the same email.

CMF-M218 Agreement for Access to Continental Maritime of San Diego Premises by Government Sponsored Contractor
SECF-045 Certificate of Background Investigation Completion for Teaming Partners, Contractor, Sub-contractor
CMF-M219 EHC Assessment Form for Government Sponsored Contractors
CMF-M217 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Agreement to Conduct Marine Coating and Other Emitting Processes at Continental Martitime of San Diego

For guidance 
CMSD Acceptable US Person Documents
CMW-M203 Requirements for Vendors Subcontractors and AITs GSC
SECF-063 AIT & 3rd Party Checklist
SWRMC C390-1 Guidlines for Gaining Access to CMSD Shipyard


If the 3rd party passes the initial review consisting of all document verification and satisfying insurance requirements the documents will be forwarded to Security for review.

If the 3rd party passes the Security review the 3rd party will be notified of authorized inclusion and access to CMSD with authorization for work pending. All documents related to request for work will be forwarded to Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) for review.

At this point, driven by the State and Federal regulation, there likely will be more forms required depending on the type of work the 3rd party request to accomplish per disclosures in their submitted CMF-M219 form. All contractors that have previously worked in CMSD’s yard or for that matter working anywhere in the State of California should be familiar with these additional requirements and hopefully expedited authorization via advance submission, but if not, these additions will be communicated via return email from EH&S.

• If you do not receive a confirmation email regarding your initial submittal after one full day, contact your sponsor to communicate the issue via the PM team.
• The submittal of the sponsor signature will start counting days of duration for access processing thus inclusion of all documents at that time is highly encouraged to satisfy the requirements and expedite the check-in process.
• Some emails from the system will come from the following address: When replying to this email the reply address will switch to
• Reports will be provided to SWRMC detailing 3rd party processing deficiencies and resulting addl processing time.