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This supplier portal is an extension of our commitment to our suppliers to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. It also functions as a partnership and communication center to obtain important and necessary information to ensure your success as a supplier.

Subcontractor Terms and Conditions

Vendor Terms & Conditions
VGB-01 Vendor Guide Book

BAE N00024-10-C-4407 LPD-17 
BAE N00024-11-C-4400 CG-47 
BAE N00024-11-C-4408 DDG-51 
BAE N00024-12-C-4403 LSD-41_LSD-49 and LPD-4 
BAE N00024-16-R-2321 DDG-1000 
FAR 52.244-6 Subcontracts for Commercial Items 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 62 Mobile Bay Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 69 Paul Hamilton Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 71 Sterett and John Finn Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 – 73 Stockdale and Fitzgerald Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-D-4417 -72 Halsey and O’Kane Special Terms and Conditions 
N00024-16-R-4401 IDIQ MAC N00024-19-C-4410 Rushmore Terms and Conditions 
N00024-19-R-4406 O’Kane Terms and Conditions 
N00024-21-R-4456 Somerset Terms and Conditions
N00024-21-R-4485 Mustin Terms and Conditions
N00024-21-D-4445 LCS Terms and Conditions
Supplier Approval Process

CMSD, a Titan company, is committed to seeking out new qualified businesses to partner with our company. To start the approval process, please fill out the following form and send it to our sourcing department at
CMF-M200 Supplier Information and Business Size Classification

Small Business
CMSD, a Titan company, is committed to ensure that small businesses are given a good faith effort to partner with our company to accomplish work on Government contracts. If you are a small business seeking to do business with our company, please fill out the following form and send it to our Sourcing department at

Third Party Access (Government Sponsored Contractors)
Contact Sourcing Department for more information at
CMF-M217 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Agreement to Conduct Marine Coating and Other Emitting Processes at Continental Maritime of San Diego