Inside and outside machinery repair, machine shop, electrical shop, metal fabrication, pipe fabrication, boiler repair and rigging shop

  • Outside work areas for large equipment or structural repair, assembly and fabrication
  • Industrial repair, fabrication, installation, paint, insulation, rigging and crane services
  • Commercial and MIL-SPEC marine coatings — SSPC QP-1
  • Certified coating inspection – NACE level III
  • ABS and NAVSEA certified welders and weld procedures
  • NAVSEA certified weld inspection
  • Nondestructive testing: VT, MT, and PT
  • Tank cleaning, bilge cleaning, waste water hauling, hazardous material and industrial waste containment and collection
  • Piping system flushing and solvent cleaning, CHT and boiler hydro-blasting 3,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.
  • Installation and repair of all marine (shipboard) equipment
  • CNO Availability execution and management